School Calendar

School Calendar 2021-2022

October Mid-Term

                                                                                  26th October 2021

  30th October 2021



                                                                                  23rd December 2021

 5th Jan 2021


February Mid-Term

                                                                                 15th Feb 2022

 19th Feb 2021



                                                                                  29th March 2022

9th Apr 2022


St. Patrick’s Day                                                                                       17th March 2022


May Bank holiday                                                                                    3rd May 2022




If the school is forced to close due to adverse weather, missed days may have to be made up during school holidays. The school will text on the day of any closure – if you do not receive an SMS then this means that the school is open.


Parent/teacher/Student meetings

Students must attend all meetings in full school uniform – parents/guardians must make every effort to attend these meetings. Please notify the office if you cannot attend. Parent teacher meetings run from 16:15 – 18:45

Due to COVID 19 restrictions it has not been possible to plan dates for meetings or events at this time

 3rd, 6th


16:15 – 18:45

1st Year & TY


16:15 – 18:45

5th & 2nd


16:15 – 18:45

1st Year & TY


16:15 – 18:45

School will close at 15.14 on the days of parent/teacher/student meetings

Other Events

      Christmas Feast                                                        

      Start of Christmas Exams                                         

      Pre Exams                                                                     

      Info Night for TY & 1st Years                                  

      Edmund Rice Day Awards                                      

      Leaving Cert & LCA 2 Graduation                        

      Summer Exams                                                            

Other school events include Fearpark, our Christmas market Reindeer Park and Dramafest.