School Supports

School Lunches

As part of our school’s healthy eating policy, we are very proud that we are offering hot food, prepared and served in school daily for all students, FREE of charge. The lunch is varied with students provided with a range of options. Our school lunches are supplied by .


Christmas Feast and Blessed Rice Celebration

Linkedin to our hot dinners programme, Coláiste Éamann Rís also celebrates Christmas on the day before our Christmas Exams commence. During this celebration, students first attend mass together before sitting together for a full Christmas dinner served by our teachers. 

In a similar way, our school celebrates the Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice (May 5th) by recognizing the achievements of our students at a whole school awards ceremony. Following the awards, students will be treated to an activity/sports day and whole BBQ on the school grounds! (Exam students may attend sponsored study instead). 

Book Grant/Rental Scheme

Incoming first year students may apply to our book grant/rental scheme for all their compulsory subject books ( Irish is not included.) Books for optional subjects are also provided by the school in the first year but these option subjects books must be bought by you once your son chooses his option subjects at the end of first year. 

Students in fifth year may apply to a book grant scheme – successful applicants are given a book voucher redeemable at High Street Books. 

Breakfast Club

Coláiste Éamann Ris operates its breakfast clubs during the mid-morning break – a selection of juices and pastries are available free of charge.

Homework Club

Together with our School Completion Programme and our partners at UCC+, Colaiste Éamann Ris runs a free homework Club three nights a week.

Sponsored Study

Exam students also have the opportunity to participate in after-school study. This is another free service provided for by our school ( other schools charge for sponsored study). 

Revision Courses

Free revision course are offered during the Easter holidays.


Colaiste Éamann Rís is part of the UCC PLus+ Schools Programme. The aim of this prgramme is to let students see the fantastic opportunities in UCC and get them thinking about their future.

Our  students can avail of the following activities: Student achievement awards, CSI Camp, Xperience CIT and UCC, Easter School, science and maths revision classes, use of study facilities IN UCC, Graffiti, Drama, TRIZ, and grinds.

Career Guidance & Counselling

Our guidance counsellor provides our students with support, information, advice, and guidance throughout their time in Coláiste Éamann Rís. Students from all yours can avail of one-to-one meetings.

The role is to assist students in for main areas: Personal, Social. Academic and Career development. The role is a mixture of “Guidance” and “Counselling”. 

Guidance Helps Students With Their Career By:

  • Identifying strengths, interests, personality, and skills
  • Learning how to plan the next stage in a students life
  • Finding and understanding information about colleges and courses
  • Learning about the world of work
  • Learning about CVs, application forms ( colleges and work) and preparing for interviews

Career classes are timetabled throughout the Senior Cycle ( TY to 6th Year).

Students self-knowledge and decisions are helpful through Aptitude Testing, Interest Inventories, IT Programmes, Career Investigation, access to internet investigation.

Visits to career events and colleges, presentations by speakers from colleges/industry/youth welfare and support groups are arranged throughout the year. 

Guidance Helps Students To Learn How To: 


Understand how school can help them to: 

  • Learn how to study more effectively
  • Improve exam techniques
  • Get information about subject choices and leads
  • Learn about exams and qualifications

Guidance Also Helps Students To:

  • Learn about relationships
  • Understand feelings and needs
  • Learn how to make important decisions
  • Learn how to make plans


  • Counselling offers a student a chance to look to someone in a private, caring and non-judgemental place. Students are very welcome to make their own appointments or can be reformed by teachers, and other members of our school community parents/guardians and by friends. Our guidance counsellor will do everything possible to listen, understand, clarify and help students to make their own decisions. Counselling offers students help with a wide range of issues. generally feel mixed up, relationships problems, family problems, dealing with anger outbursts, loss of a loved one, bullying, low self-confidence, worried about the future, difficulties getting use to a new school, exam stress, drug and alcohol use, body image, identity, peer pressure, abuse (psychological, physical or sexual) and self-harm. 

Some third level colleges and institutes of further education:

School Completion Programme

The school completion programme is a service offered to 9 schools in this area, 7 primary schools and 2 secondary schools.

SCP work with children and teenagers who find school life challenging. SCP put programmes in place to support them in remaining in school and enjoying student life.

The two main contents in Coláiste Éamann Rís are Katie Burns (Programme Co-Ordinator) and their additional project worker. The project worker meets a number of  students on a weekly basis during the school day – working on issues such as organisational skills, goal setting, anger management, motivation, social skills and communication skills. 

SCP also provides 2 after-school Homework clubs – on a Tuesday and Thursday evening for approx 45 mins – 1 hour. The students get support with completing homework out can leave when it’s done. It is still a guardian’s responsibility to sign out check journals for any notes which may be sent home by leaders.

In early September, each your SCP organise a Team Building event for all first years to help them settle into their new school; this activity allows first years to make new friends and get to now each other in a fun way. 

During midterm breaks, Easter and in particular summer time, the School Completion Programme provides a great range of holiday activities to which a limited number of students are invited. 

We subsidise the cost of the activities and expect commitment from the students who have signed up the attend. These activities include surfing, kayaking, zip-lining, hillwalking and student who have signed up to attend. 

Katie and the project worker are available to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your club and their attendance and participation in school life. You may contact Katie on 083-318-3560 or by email 

Behaviour For Learning

The Behaviour For Learning Programme offers students a range of subject and behaviour supports covering areas such as organisational skills, social and communication skills, working in groups, classroom behaviour and class participation.

Ms.Tippins in our BFL teacher for junior school, while Ms.Rea is the BFL teacher for senior cycle.

Students work individually or in a small group setting and the BFL teacher co-ordinates student behaviour planning according to the individual student needs. 

Tutor Period

Unlike in other schools at Coláiste Éamann Ris, students meet with their Class Tutors every day for thirteen minutes. This allows us to keep a better eye on your child and to ensure that their academic and pastoral needs are being looked after.