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Our School Community

 Coláiste Éamann Rís is a vibrant co-educational secondary school in the heart of Cork City, where young people are prepared for adult life in the Edmund Rice tradition of education. Our school motto, ‘Uaisleacht’, invokes the strength of character, nobility
of spirit and kindness of heart to which we encourage all to aspire.

Our school offers Junior Cycle, Junior Cycle School Programme, the traditional Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and Leaving Certificate Applied. Each student is assigned to a base class with a class tutor. Unlike in other schools, at Coláiste Éamann Rís, students meet their tutor every day for a fifteen minute check and connect period. In this way, the class tutor can check in on each of their students social, emotional and academic progress. Each year group is also assigned a Year Head who runs the year group like a mini school – checking absences, behaviour and of course results!

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Year Heads

Year 1 – Mr. Kenny

Year 2 – Ms. Tippins

Year 3 – Ms. Rea

Year 4 – Mr. O’Brien

Year 5 – Mr. O’Mahony

Year 6 – Mr. O’ Mahony



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